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Taking Advantage of Your User Generated Content

There’s so much hidden gold created by your players from your mobile adventure? Check out our post on what to do with your content after your experiential game is over. Now we’ll talk about what you can do with all the user generated content produced from your campaign. Your players have worked so hard to accomplish their challenges, their photos and videos are the amazing proof and the takeaways from your game. Let them relive their experience and all the memories they have made.

Circulate your User Generated Content

With all the leave behind photos and videos, you would be doing a disservice to your players if you didn’t share the content with them! Once the campaign’s over, you can send your players to the Live Stream, but don’t just stop there. Export all the user generated content at the end of your game, and try these social extensions:

Collage Your Photos Together:

You have all these photos of players fulfilling challenges, now you could piece them in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. There are some online collage sites (where you can upload your photos, and they will generate it into a beautiful piece) that we’re currently diggin’:


College 2   Collage 1

Create a Video Mashup of your User Generated Content:

Get on Youtube Vimeo or Dailymotion, slap in some music and share your videos. Another creative outlet to get your user photos out there. Here is an example of a quick video mashup we put together:


Use Social Media to Share Your User Generated Content


Great so you have a beautiful collage! You could either frame it or share it socially with your players. Post it onto Facebook, or maybe even create a Facebook album. With silly captions, involve your users by inviting them to tag themselves in your photos. Post them, share them, get likes, rule the social world.


Start your own Instagram feed. Create a separate account where users can hashtag your scavenger hunt, or even start your own hastag trend- #bestofamazingrace?


Involve all sorts of social media. Create your own scavenger Board and let Pinners Pin their photos. A whole wall chock full of photos from your adventure hunt will really make your campaign stand out.

Feature User Generated Content to Engage People through Your Social Channels

Collage your photos together, or utilize them for your next brand campaign. Easy user generated content that’s owned by your brand (since most of your branding characteristics will already be on them!) Embed them into your website, blog, and any other outlet to beef up your brand and add more credibility. Post your top 25 and let your fans and players check in to see if they made it in the running, or encourage them to decide who created the best content.

Establish or strengthen the relationship with your fans by involving them along with your brand. Making the content available through all sorts of channels, shows appreciation for your players’ involvement in the game. If you’re ready to get involved, shoot us an email. We can talk about bringing you closer to your fans through your next big mobile adventure.


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