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Trivia or Multiple Choice??

We have now rolled out Multiple Choice!

By now if you’re an expert game builder, you might be used to formatting Trivia questions as Multiple Choice by creating space and providing the options necessary. NOW… the Multiple Choice feature is available to format your challenge for you when presented to users on the app. To use this feature through our game builder you must input the CORRECT answer first followed by 3-4 incorrect ones. Your player will then have one guess to answer the question correctly and receive points, if they fail to do so they will be able to move on – however without the points.

The normal Trivia feature will continue to work in both styles as well. We introduced the MC feature mainly for those who want to set up a quick and easy game – and have players answer quickly with just a “tap” , rather than “typing” in an answer. Trivia on the other hand is more appropriately used when you want to provide your players with many guessing opportunities. This works well for hard to guess riddles, picture puzzles or locking challenges to others.

Here’s a chart reviewing both options:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.36.32 PM

By socialscavenger