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Updated QR Code Readers

You’ve probably seen them a lot… square barcodes that look like a black and white mess to us, but what are they really?

QR codes are quick response barcodes that were first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Today, computer’s can read this barcode and link it to whatever information is encoded into them.


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Traditionally, we use them in Social Scavenger as checkpoints. Often in games and events, the game builder will encode QR codes to certain spots they want to ensure they’re players visit. These will help show one was there, as each one is unique, and there’s no other way to scan the barcode than actually having it.

In 2018, we’ve introduced the option of having the QR codes link to URLs. This means if you’re building a challenge using QR codes, you can now embed a URL to each unique code.

To use this feature, simply choose the QR code challenge under the “edit” button of a challenge, attach the specific link in the box given, THEN download the corresponding QR code and VOILA! Now when your players go to scan that code, it will automatically bring up the page you want them to see.


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