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White Labels vs. Social Scavenger Branded App: Which Scavenger Hunt Platform is for You?

Game Time:  Building a Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race

Social Scavenger offers a multitude of unique challenge features to adorn your scavenger hunt. Taking the traditional pen and paper search to the next level. A mobile Gamification level *cue fog machine and dramatic music*. Need a refresher on why adding gamification to your mobile campaign is an effective one? Gamification is great for engaging with players, and strengthening the loyalty of your relationship. Gamification has shown to present opportunities that are fresh and current, and can transform lives of the people for the better. We’re not kidding here; in fact, a gamified system has been proven through repeat visits and viral distribution, to increase in time on site by an average of 30 percent. So you want to get involved? Awesome! But which platform is best for you and your needs?

Which route should you take for your Mobile Scavenger Adventure?

You’ll begin your hunt by deciding which of the two scavenger hunt options fits you – The Social Scavenger Branded or White Label App?  We should assess the reason behind why you want to create your game (other than for the fun factor, obviously.) Is it for an event, for branding purposes, for team building, or just having a grande ole time with some friends? What do you expect to get out of it? Once you have defined your needs and goals, Social Scavenger provides two available platform options to execute your scavenger adventure:

The Social Scavenger Branded App

The native app means your scavenger game will be housed in our Social Scavenger app. Players will download our app, search, join your game (by entering a password) and oh the places they’ll go!  This option is ideal for small campaigns, or for casual play with friends/coworkers/family. A no fuss, no muss option that gives you all the great benefits of the platform – sans the branding.

What are my moderating options with the Social Scavenger Branded App?

You’ll receive all the nuts and bolts to build your own scavenger hunt adventure. The native app on Social Scavenger comes equipped with the six challenge features, and all the settings to moderate each challenge. You can also take advantage of the Leaderboard, and the always-updating Live Stream when your players upload content. If having control over point value, and the idea of your own customized Augmented Reality images, then perhaps a White Label app would sing you a better tune.

One of the key differences? Branding

With the Native App Platform, your app will be housed in the Social Scavenger app. This means for your players to participate in your mobile game, they must download and play through our app. Your players still get to enjoy your customized mobile game, with challenges that you created in the Native App. However with this option, you won’t have full control over your brand presence because of the fewer options to customize your campaign.

All in all, comparative to our White Label App, the Native Social Scavenger app is faster, quicker, simpler, and cheaper.

The White Label App

If you want your own branding, this platform is for you. With the White Label App, you get to customize your very own Scavenger Hunt, down to the very last detail. Your own app will be chock full of challenges all geared around your campaign. Not only that, you’ll receive your own microsite that you can utilize and direct your users to. More channels for your brand to exist on the net, and more awareness in the market. This option is for those who want a full complete gamified mobile campaign.

Your brand, your baby

Your brand is important, we get that. Own your brand with the White Label App. An option that will let your brand intertwine through each challenge and each feature. You’ll have our team to help you along the way from developing, training, to launching your app. The White Label App is the best solution if you want to:

  • Run promotions, contents, and other mobile fan engagement events
  • Medium to large scale events
  • Team building companies
  • For third party ad agencies working to build client solutions
  • Anyone who wants a fully integrated amazing race

Avoid the pain of building your own app

Impress your clients with your own scavenger hunt. Don’t deal with the stress and mammoth costs of creating your app, the paperwork, and launching it into the app store. With the White Label App, your game in your very own app and app icon. Your mobile campaign will look much more professional when players open up your app on their phone to embark on their scavenger adventure!

How Long is the process of Launching My White Label App?

You would think that with all the features and challenges that this would be quite the lengthy process. Well think not! We’ve had some clients who got their app launched into the stores in as little as a week. It all is under the discretion of how small or large your campaign is, and really how fast you can make decisions.  So don’t fret if you’re on a tight schedule, we can work together to make sure your mobile campaign fits along an allotted timeframe.

While we offer some pretty exclusive features with the White Label App, we’re always open to new ideas and developing opportunities to make the perfect app experience. Check out the Social Scavenger White Label App package, if you’re interested in what the basic premium package entails.

So what are the Difference in terms of Pricing?

Good question. Mosey over to our website where you can find a complete list of available pricing for your price range. Any additional questions can be directed to us, and we can work out something together.

Here’s a basic chart at what you’re looking at between both Social Scavenger App platforms.

 White Label Social Scavenger App
Time to launch  >4-6 weeks  >1 day
Budget  Medium/High  Low/Medium
Brand Control  High  Low
Custom Microsite  Yes  No

That’s a Wrap

You won’t know if the shoe will fit until you try it out, right? That’s why we encourage our clients to build their own test scavenger hunt game to get a feel of the basic challenges we offer.

Try building your own scavenger adventure here: REQUEST A DEMO

Gamifying your campaign will collect better results, no matter what your goals are. Working through mobile means that the whole world can be your playground. You are in control of directing and enhancing your players’ experience through use of gamification- no matter which app platform you choose. Like what you see and ready to get started? Then give us a shout!

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