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We help brands and agencies set up amazing goal oriented mobile campaigns

Activation to Gamification

Brands who want to run Scavenger Hunt style campaigns for PR, Campaigns, Events, Global Get Togethers, Internal Engagement have used Social Scavenger for amazing activations.  We work directly with brands and or with their Agencies to help achieve your goals.

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White Label VS. Social Scavenger

Your Very Own App

With Social Scavenger you have a unique opportunity to have your very own White Label version of our app. This means your audience is downloading your app...not ours.  Your branding, sponsors and anything in between can be included for an experience that is truly on message and brand.

Use Social Scavenger’s App

Time, budget and goals don’t always dictate a White Label is required.  Many activations have been run by simply using the pre-existing Social Scavenger app for public or private games.  Get in touch and we can find out what makes sense for you.

A few considerations that may help you decide White Label vs. Social Scavenger App


I need a fully branded app
I need my own app in the app store
I need an app internally at my company
I have an app and I want this embedded in my current solution
I want to start using this today
Branding inside the game is good enough for me
I only need this for a one off experience
I want to keep this is cost effective as possible

How it works

Build Amazing & Strategic Games

The admin center was built for big brands, so no matter who you are, we should have you covered. The flexibility to easily create all types of games from an Amazing Race to a Global Scavenger Hunt and update them on the fly, moderate, export and share the content are just some of the ways we try to make your life better.

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Game Play

At the heart of everything we try to do at Social Scavenger is enable great games. It’s not just about having loads of features and cool technology, it’s about empowering people to create games that are inventive, fun and easy to play. Easy to play means your audience is engaged in the experience and not worried about the technology and wondering how to get things done.

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Managing it all with Ease

The fun doesn’t end just because your game did. Players gather after events, whether they are in a physical location (bar, conference center, event) or socially checking out your microsite or social media.  Reliving the glory of your best experiences, comparing your videos and photos to others is part of what brings everything together into a fully integrated experience. Download for your private collection or share socially with the world, it’s up to you.

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A few brands we’ve worked with

Event Engagement

Engaging with ship builders and sponsors for the world famous Flugtag and Soapbox Races

Team Building

Executive team building on global retreat with a Mystery Hunt around London


Nation Wide Employee Education Gamified for Engagement

Multi City Product Launch

Weekly games across six cities driving customers and prospects to locations

More than Scavenger Hunts

Your games can go well beyond a traditional Scavenger Hunt. We Have worked with our clients who have rolled out

Amazing Race & Treasure Hunts
Murder Mysteries
City Discovery
Destination Exploration
Gamification of Education and Training
Passports 2.0 Style
Many other unique and fun ideas

Product launches, awareness, content generation?  Those are just a few ways Social Scavenger works with PR firms.


More than the sum of the challenges, Scavenger Hunts bring out the best in your teams and make for amazing experiences.


We partner with companies who want to take their internal learning and education to the next making it fun and memorable.


Let’s not walk or run…let’s amazing race!  Driving both awareness and raise money through unique fundraising experiences.


You have a goal.  We have a way of making it fun.  By combining the right game mechanics we can help you achieve on mobile.


Using GPS and other platform features we can build orientation programs that help you onboard new hires, students and more.

Just a Few Key Benefits


White label or not, mission and goals will be on brand

Unique Experiences

All games are not created equal, unique games are our thing

Mobile Fun

Your audience deserves some fun along the way

Custom Features

Yes, we’re willing to build out new custom features for you!

When it comes to this app, the sky is the limit! Social Scavenger was easy to use, versatile and full of great features, which resulted in an amazing end product.

Social Scavenger proved to be a great team building event. We heard great feedback about the game from our 100+ participants and look forward to using it again. Look no further for another scavenger hunt app, this is it!

Social Scavenger was a big hit at DevDays. It allowed individuals to be more engaged within our expo with vendors and allowed them to get excited about what they were learning and experiencing.

Social Scavenger is crackalackin good. It is the best scavenger hunt application we have ever used, its easy to use whether you are online or offline.

Our fans absolutely loved engaging with the ring and being part of the celebration with our Social Scavenger app integration! Not to mention our boom in downloads. Pure Awesome.

Our students had a blast learning about our campus and rich school history and traditions — all while playing a game!

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