City Scavenger Hunts

Custom Hunts for Teams & Events

Find hidden locations, go to famous areas to recreate moments, unlock bonus challenges through trivia and much more on your race to the top of the podium.

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What to Expect

You can expect an action packed fun-filled adventure!

Fortune and glory are just around the corner for your City Scavenger players! Glory to you for running a great team or event outing. Fortune for players in the form of an amazing experience. Our Mobile Scavenger Hunts will provide:

  • A custom event that matches your goals and exceeds your expectations
  • Participants having a great time and talking about this as an epic event
  • Hilarious videos and photos that make long-lasting memories
  • Easy implementation and support to ensure a smooth day
  • Ability to pick any services you require for a great day or simply DIY

Game Quick Facts

  • 6 - 3000 people
  • 2 hours (typical)
  • Global (anywhere)
  • Variable (starting at $300)
  • Team Building
    Strategic Thinking
    Goal Focussed
    Amazing Moments
    Wide Variety of Challenges
  • Simple Instructions
    One Smartphone per Team
    Completely Customizable
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Flexible implementation means that we can customize our classic games to get you the right game, for the right audience. Custom company challenges, themes, unique locations, varying skill sets, multi-day games, and much more.

Highlight reels, live judging and awards, are also part of our services packages that take your event next level. We have a myriad of services based on your needs or can even give you the tools to run it yourself. Just reach out and tell us how we can help.

"My Coca-Cola colleagues and I cannot thank Social Scavenger enough for helping us create a fun, strategic adventure that had our adrenaline pumping and creative juices flowing!"

How It Works

A quick overview of the Social Scavenger experience

Firstly, yes you can play even if you are organizing this event! No problem. We make sure our game organizers feel confident on game day, whether or not they are in the game or behind the scenes.

Creating the Game

We have a great set of city Scavenger Hunts and challenges ready to go. Customizing games can be done by our team, or we can simply show you how to DIY.

Game Preview

You will have full access to view or test out your game in advance if you want to review anything.

Game Day Management

Games can be set to run themselves and end at the location of choice. Instructions are provided in advance and inside the app. If you want any game day services or add-on's you just have to ask.

Hilarious Highlight Reel Videos

You will have real-time access to all content created in your game (in the app and on the web). If you want us to create an amazing custom video of your Scavenger Hunt for after event celebrations (or learn how to do it yourself) - just ask.

Support & Resources

We will provide you with everything you'll need for a smooth running game program no matter what type of game program you choose.

Life is more fun when you are playing games. All the technology is built into the app keeping it easy and fun for game day participants.

What Do I Need to Play?

Each team requires 1 phone and the Social Scavenger app. No other technology is required, everything is built into the app.

What Will I Be Doing?

Each team will try and figure out the best way to earn the most points (strategy) by completing a wide variety of challenge types, built for different skill sets. Challenge types can be custom per event but include photos, videos, trivia, riddles, stickers, puzzles, QR codes, GPS challenges, etc.)

Fitness Level Requirements

Games can be custom to whatever limitations you have in your group, from effort levels and courage to geographic locations, destinations, and more.

Dress Code

You Know what makes games even more fun? Costumes. Something as simple as bandana right down to a "best dressed" prize. Of course, you might be in work clothes and that'll suffice.

A Great Attitude

Even in a few of your participants forget to bring a great attitude with them, this game will perk them right up as there are challenges for everyone and games are built to be inclusive and competitive at once.

Can I Brand My Game?

Yes, definitely!

Social Scavenger

Include your company logo, custom icons and custom challenges that make it all about your company vibe and brand.

White Label Custom App

If branding your game isn’t enough and you need your own app, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our White Label program.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing varies based on number of players, duration and any custom requests or services you need. Just reach out and give us a quick summary of what you are looking for and we'll get you some pricing.

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