Commercial and Consumer Solutions

Social Scavenger serves brands, companies and individuals who are looking to build and play amazing games including Scavenger Hunts, Treasure Hunts, Amazing Races and much more.  Big or small we can help make your next mobile adventure a great one.

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Commercial Games

Social Scavenger offers multiple solutions for companies, brands, agencies etc.


1.  White Label Apps

What is this:
The White Label solution means we'll build you your own branded version of our app, including your own microsite, and you'll have your very own iPhone and Android apps.  You can launch games at will.  Our technology, your brand.

Who does this:
This is a very common solution for brands, agencies, destinations, team building companies and anyone looking to have their very own branded app to build out their business, launch a campaign etc.

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2.  Embedded Apps

What is this:
We'll work with your current app team to stick our app inside your current app.  So users have nothing new to download, but you have a reason to keep them coming back and bringing in new installs.

Who does this: 
Companies with large apps looking to bring more engagement inside their app.   The Miami HEAT are an example of a client who embedded Social Scavenger directly inside their app.

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3.  Social Scavenger Games

What is this:
In this scenario you build your game inside the current Social Scavenger platform, so your clients download our app instead of yours.

Who does this:
Universities, conferences, education providers, small and large team building days etc.  It is often used for smaller scale events or one-off engagements.

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Consumer Games

Social Scavenger App Platform

Affordable games for everybody!  If you are not using the platform for commercial purposes you are welcome to build games for your friends and family starting at just $10 per team.  These are most commonly used for

  • Birthday parties
  • Special occasions
  • City Treasure Hunts
  • Raising awareness
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette parties
  • Friend Scavenger Hunts
  • So much more!

Basically any family or friend event that could use a little gamification.  And what event can't use a little bit of that.

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