Educational Institutions

Orientation, Campus Discovery, City Campus Exploration, Team Building and more.

Student Mobile Engagements

Engaging students for campus discovery, orientation and team building or take it to the classroom.  
Your students have smart phones and we have ways to map out your campus, let them discover the city, bond with other students and create amazing experiences.  We also work with educators creating programs for students of all ages in class.  Discovery games with goals ranging as far as your creativity can take you.

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White Label VS. Social Scavenger

Your Very Own App

With Social Scavenger you have a unique opportunity to have your very own White Label version of our app.  A white label is more relevant if you are going to be running large programs or many instances with your students in smaller groups.

Use Social Scavenger’s App

If you are just getting started or only running a small number of events, then the Social Scavenger app is here and ready to roll today!  We’ll get your game built and your branding built into the challenges.

A few considerations that may help you decide White Label vs. Social Scavenger App


I need a fully branded app to represent my institution
I need custom terms, rules and graphics in my app
I have a successful program I want to grow
I’m running a one off, trial or starter program with a smaller group
Branding inside the game is good enough for me
I need to keep the costs down

How it works

Build Amazing Game Experiences

The Social Scavenger game builder gives you a huge amount of flexibility.  That’s why we have schools and universities building everything from Trivia and QR games for parent nights through to campus orientation for new students...and everything in between.  After your training consultation you’ll be empowered to create the perfect game for your students.

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Game Play

Down the app, join your game and go.  Keeping it simple for players is always the way to go.  The heavy lifting is done in the game set up so your players can simply click ‘challenges’ and see what it is they get to accomplish!  Leaderboards, live stream, push notifications and other engaging features keep it exciting for players.

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Managing it all with Ease

The backend game builder and management system allows you to access what is happening in your game at any time, in real-time.  You can even push out new challenges on the fly if you have a great idea, want to react to the environment or simply are having fun.  The backend system has easy exports of content, reporting and more.

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A Few Educational Institutions We’ve Worked with

Campus Discovery

Learning about various buildings, offerings and services via a game

Class discovery and bonding

Getting students into teams to solve the ultimate amazing mystery race

Parents and Students

iPad hunts with stickers that students and parents love

Student Games

Engaging with students with amazing discovery games

Educational Conference

Learners and educators gamifying the experience

More than Scavenger Hunts

Your games can go well beyond a traditional Scavenger Hunt.

Trivia Games
QR Hunts
Sticker games
Campus Amazing Race
Treasure Hunting
Public Relations

Product launches, awareness, content generation?  Those are just a few ways Social Scavenger works with PR firms.


More than the sum of the challenges, Scavenger Hunts bring out the best in your teams and make for amazing experiences.


We partner with companies who want to take their internal learning and education to the next making it fun and memorable.


Let’s not walk or run…let’s amazing race!  Driving both awareness and raise money through unique fundraising experiences.


You have a goal.  We have a way of making it fun.  By combining the right game mechanics we can help you achieve on mobile.

Just a Few Key Benefits


Built for exactly your needs.

Unique Experiences

Take your programs and elevate them with games

Mobile Fun

Your students have phones.  Let’s use them!

Custom Features

Talk to us about things you want to see from our team.

When it comes to this app, the sky is the limit! Social Scavenger was easy to use, versatile and full of great features, which resulted in an amazing end product.

Social Scavenger proved to be a great team building event. We heard great feedback about the game from our 100+ participants and look forward to using it again. Look no further for another scavenger hunt app, this is it!

Social Scavenger was a big hit at DevDays. It allowed individuals to be more engaged within our expo with vendors and allowed them to get excited about what they were learning and experiencing.

Social Scavenger is crackalackin good. It is the best scavenger hunt application we have ever used, its easy to use whether you are online or offline.

Our fans absolutely loved engaging with the ring and being part of the celebration with our Social Scavenger app integration! Not to mention our boom in downloads. Pure Awesome.

Our students had a blast learning about our campus and rich school history and traditions — all while playing a game!

Our elementary school has used Social Scavenger for the past couple years as the platform for an iPad Scavenger Hunt for our students and their families.  We continue to use this app because we have had such wonderful success with it!  The app is very user-friendly.  It provides many different ways for them complete challenges.  Our students really enjoy the Sticker Photo!  The customer support with Social Scavenger is phenomenal.  Warren is the most prompt person to work with and always has an answer.  He goes to great length to ensure success on the day of your event.  Social Scavenger is a great answer to all your digital scavenger hunt needs! - Laurie Dillon - Elementary Math Teacher

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