It starts with great game play

At the heart of everything we try to do at Social Scavenger is enable great games. It’s not just about having loads of features and cool technology, it’s about empowering people to create games that are inventive, fun and easy to play. We add new features and try to keep them flexible to enable our game makers to create any type of unique and engaging experience they can dream up.

Set the Stage with Creative Challenges?

Unique challenges are at the heart of every game. Some may require hunting down GPS locations, others might be locked to a QR code hidden on a poster. Others might require photo or video creativity. Whatever the challenge, it’s always the same easy process for players. Read the clue, click a button to complete the challenge and earn points for being awesome.

6 Great Ways to Complete Challenges


Layer fun on to reality. Look through your camera and you could find an afro, a funky frame or any photo booth style sticker that you can dream up.


500 million photos shared online a day can’t be wrong. Let your players shine with a skill they know all too well.


Put yourself in the directors seat and choreograph the action. Players can really stretch the comfort and creative zone with short videos.


Take the role of Trivia Master by mixing in a few brain teasers. Fun facts and figures paried with educational opportunities.

QR Codes

Make your players prove they got to an exact location by tracking down hidden QR codes. Hide them online (i.e. Facebook fan page) or out in the real world (i.e. Store, Park).

Free Form (Text)

Become the editor in chief and get the most out of your writers with open ended questions. Bring the house down, from a limerick to inspirational advice.


By one-button game play we mean players just click and go. No need to know what a QR code is - just follow the clue and hit the button. Same goes with photo stickers, GPS unlocking and everything else. Everything is kept under one button.


GPS locations, QR Codes and Beacons are just some of the ways you can get creative by locking challenges to a players locations and actions.

Watch the Action Live

Inspire the competition to greater heights as they easily watch all the game action unfold on the app’s live stream. Easy to sort by teams or challenges to sort the contenders from the pretenders.


Players can sign in with Facebook or Twitter and are prompted to share in real-time.

Climb the Leaderboard

Quickly assess how your team is doing as time runs out on your game and step up those big point challenges as the app auto scores the game.


Step it up by handing out creative badges for players who really earn it.

After The Game