The Work from Home Hunt

Connect and engage teams working from home with fun challenges, competition and live streams that instantly share all the action.

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Size: 6+
Time: 30-60 minutes
Location: Work from Home
Cost: $300+
When you need: Team BuildingCreativityConnectionSanityWork from Home Activity
Our passion delivers: Custom GamesHilarious ChallengesVirtual HostsEntertainment

The Scavenger Hunt for Virtual Teams

Boost Morale with Scavenger Hunts from Home - Team Edition

Get ready for some serious group fun and let us help keep your teams sane. Teams will work together to complete a series of photo and video challenges - determining who can ‘answer’ the challenge from their location. Your vintage comic collection or pink Barbie corvette could finally pay off, not to mention all those hours you practiced juggling. We are also finding out who’s been hoarding all that hand sanitizer (hint: they work with you)! Teams will also work through puzzles, riddles and share the best shows to binge watch - all in an attempt to top the leaderboard.

Live Streams & Big Smiles

More than winners, this game produces much needed laughs and shared moments

Your private game has a live stream where all those photos and videos are shared amongst your team, which lets you really connect the fun and creativity, while learning how everyone is handling working from home. You’ll even have access to ‘reels’ so you can see the best of all the content in fun video snippets. Yes - the game still has a live leaderboard and competitive teams will still be trying to win - but this game is really about connections and fun shared moments.

Customizable on request with:

  1. Custom challenges (trivia, photos, videos, stickers)
  2. Video intros (have your CEO tell 2 truths and a lie?)
  3. Branding to make it look like your organization
  4. More - just ask
35-40 Classic Challenges
35-40 Classic Challenges

Topical fun challenges (check out this team mascot - pet tricks next level).

Live Streams Connect
Live Streams Connect

Browse by team or challenge - video fails are always fun.


Trivia, video and photo challenges or next level introductions by your CEO.

The Game Experience

We recommend your game be played in teams of approximately 4 per team (min 2). Your game can be self hosted or we will provide a virtual “Zoom” (video conference) host to kick off the experience.

30,45 or 60 minute game options... your game clock will be customized but once it starts, teams have to work through as many challenges as possible, as creatively as possible before time runs out. The Social Scavenger app (or web version) will be counting you down. Puzzles and riddles are best worked on together but only one person has the cutest mascot / pet to submit as a photo… or do they?

Self hosted... you are welcome to host your own games. We will send you all of the game day instructions and walkthroughs. We recommend that individual teams connect in a video / conference call to easily talk through the challenges that are submitted in our app.

Virtually hosted... connect into our Zoom room and our hosts will get everyone ready to go and then send teams into breakout rooms. Hosts are on hand to answer questions - but more importantly reward creativity.

Bonus Points & Winners... virtually hosted games will have bonus points awarded for creativity and the winning team will be atop the leaderboard when the time runs out. With our live streams and highlight reel videos, everyone will be a winner (but okay, really only 1 team is the actual winner).

Gameday is the best day. Your game details will have been worked out with your game producer. You may have selected to have it virtually hosted by us - or you are running it yourself (easy enough). Bottom line - you’ll be good to go!

How it Works

  1. Break your group into teams of ~4 (min 2)
  2. Teams joining our zoom will get an introduction from the host and then be split into breakout rooms where they’ll join your private game and get started
  3. Teams can review all of the challenges in any order but should work together on puzzles and riddles to avoid wasting hints - and precious points.
  4. The clock will be ticking down right inside the app. There is also a web version available - your host will determine the best solution for your team.
  5. Back at virtual HQ you may have elected to ask our judges to score teams based on creativity and our video editor to roll out a custom highlight video reel. So many fun options!
  6. When the clock runs - you’ll find out who won. Virtually hosted games will be sent back to our main zoom room where winners are announced and you can review the greatest challenges.

Best of Challenges & Voting

Did awarding bonus points sound like fun? Our judges not only award points for creativity but they send fun messages to the teams right inside the game. We can also send out highlight reels of specific challenges so your own teams can vote on the best of the best - why leave all the fun to us!

Virtual Hosts
Virtual Hosts

If you enroll us to host your game you’ll join a video conference and then be broken into team rooms.

Creativity Points
Creativity Points

Assign a judge (us or you) to hand out bonus points for creative submissions.

Video Reels
Video Reels

Each challenge may have its own video highlight reel - which makes this game even more fun the next day!

Why a Scavenger Hunt? Why Social Scavenger?

We are working from home too! Over the years our platform has delivered thousands of team building games all around the world. We have taken that experience and produced a timely and fun work from home game with the goal of connecting and engaging your teams.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will be based on the number of players, customization requirements and services you want to add onto your game. We never want a budget to stand in the way during times like these - so we’ll find a game for you!

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