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One-Click Challenge Editing Tool

*Relevant for Game-Builders* When you start getting more and more creative with building your games and adding new challenges, you’ll probably start to notice the “move down” and “move up” buttons built within the challenges are not so helpful. When you’re working with 30+ challenges and trying to rearrange their order, the easiest way to make […]

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Trivia or Multiple Choice??

We have now rolled out Multiple Choice! By now if you’re an expert game builder, you might be used to formatting Trivia questions as Multiple Choice by creating space and providing the options necessary. NOW… the Multiple Choice feature is available to format your challenge for you when presented to users on the app. To use this feature […]

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Holiday Team Office Party: Team Building Activity Reel

We got you covered this holiday season’s end-of-the-year event. Put an end to your party planning headache through one single simple solution. The Social Scavenger app will be the answer to this year’s office function. We’ve already enlightened you why a gamification route is the answer to planning your holiday event including: selecting activities, what to bring, […]