Content of the Week Features How to Scavenger Hunt Team Building

One-Click Challenge Editing Tool

*Relevant for Game-Builders* When you start getting more and more creative with building your games and adding new challenges, you’ll probably start to notice the “move down” and “move up” buttons built within the challenges are not so helpful. When you’re working with 30+ challenges and trying to rearrange their order, the easiest way to make […]

Content of the Week Features How to Scavenger Hunt

Updated QR Code Readers

You’ve probably seen them a lot… square barcodes that look like a black and white mess to us, but what are they really? QR codes are quick response barcodes that were first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Today, computer’s can read this barcode and link it to whatever information is encoded into them. (Download […]

Content of the Week Scavenger Hunt User Generated White Label

Leap Froggin’ It: Fun Photo Content Reel of the Week

Looking for fun fall team building scavenger hunt ideas? Leaves are changing color and falling, air is getting crisper, people are catapulting off each other- wait what? Here’s another weekly content catch up of some Social Scavenger players in a game of leapfrog and participating in other… physically demanding activities, to score points towards their mobile […]