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The Corona Times Scavenger Hunt – Staying Sane Together

Step back from the edge of Mount Sanity with this Family Friendly Virtual Hunt!  Built for the Corona Times.  

It’s time to connect again with creativity, fun and competition!  That’s why Social Scavenger & Friends have developed the Corona Times Family Friendly Adventure!  This Scavenger Hunt / Amazing Race style game has over 50 challenges, meaning we’ve got something for everyone.   Submit funny videos, take awesome photos, figure out pop culture style picture puzzles – let’s see what you’ve got!

  • FUN Challenges – Get creative and do only what you want
  • INSPIRE – the app live stream shares your challenges in the game
  • Leaderboards – some people are still trying to win!  Go for it
  • Super Teams – formed by connecting with other households
  • Fully Brand-able – get your organization in the game
  • Easy to Run –(because we do it for you)
  • Hosted Tournaments or Open Games – how competitive is your audience?

Challenges include the longest ever book domino track, creating your own covid ring and of course an indoor zip line.  There’s no end in site to what you can get up to, with adventure after adventure.

Side note: If you decide to spend all day on one challenge – like the longest domino track ever – we’ll understand!


All of our games use the Social Scavenger platform.  Teams can download the app OR play on a web browser – so every way possible!  If we are hosting the game as a tournament teams will have walk through instructions & can join a hosted Zoom call for a fun kickoff party.

Game over?  No way – when the game ends it’s just getting started!  We’ll build out highlight reel videos of the day’s action and let you vote on the most creative submissions!

Prizes?  Why not!  Award more than just winning but creativity and best of submissions.

Want more games?  More everything?  We are working with partners around the world to roll out  even more unique games and team experiences – so if you don’t see what you are after – we have more games coming – please reach out.

Stay safe.  Stay positive. Stay sane.

By socialscavenger