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Virtual Teams. Hosted Games. Let’s Play!

Quarantining have you down?  Reconnect with some virtually hosted competitive games!

It’s tough to keep your team connected and engaged with so many distractions, worries and changes.  (Did I just see an alert that the price of Oil is negative?  How is that even possible?  Where do I get it?  Whoops – sorry, Okay – I’m back).

That’s why we’ve developed a series of Corona Times Virtual Games for your team…for these times.   Take a break and give everyone a chance to re-connect.  All of our games are:

  • Professionally Hosted Virtual Events
  • Fun, Competitive & Promote Team Connections
  • Customized to YOUR Company
  • Create Hilarious Moments
  • Streamed Privately to Your Teams   
  • Easy to Run (because we do it for you)

All of our games use the Social Scavenger platform.  But instead of downloading our app, many of these games work simply by logging into our web app (on your browser) and screen sharing with your team.  Don’t worry – we’ll walk everyone through it so it’s smooth sailing (as smooth as a 200 person Zoom call can get at least).

Want more games?  More everything?  We are working with partners around the world to roll out  even more unique games and team experiences – so if you don’t see what you are after – please reach out.

Stay safe.  Stay positive. Stay sane.  Below are quick summaries of some games.

Who Kidnapped YOUR Boss

Michael Scott has been Kidnapped (if you work at The Office – if you have us customize the game, we’ll replace Michael, Dwight and all The Office favorites with your team).  This whodunnit mystery game has teams competing in a race to unlock the mystery and tell us whodunnit.  Along the way they’ll take photos and videos, solve riddles and puzzles


Teams Hunt from Home  (Tournament Edition)

In this virtual team Scavenger Hunt be showing off your skills, talents and creativity in a series of photo and video challenges.  How are your impersonations?  Who has a cute mascot?   As you race the clock – your private Live Stream keeps EVERYONE connected.  Judges will award bonus points for creativity and put together an award show video for the ages.  You’ll never get everything done – but you’ll sure learn about your team in the process.  After the event sit back and enjoy the entertainment and inspiration from all the teams.

Triple Jeopardy

You do NOT need to be good at regular Jeopardy to succeed at Triple Jeopardy (though hey, it doesn’t hurt….”What is, tracking down the trivia geniuses in your organization pre-game.”)  Each round has a different set of challenge from style (puzzles) to them (pop culture).  The Bonus “Find This” Round has you answering questions…with photos.  But not just ANY photos…firstly it has to be ‘the answer’.  Next it has to be better than the other teams to get top marks in that category!   Ask us how that works!


More Games?

You can count on it.  We have several games in development that are more themed, from Wizards (you can’t say ‘Harry Potter’ theme, but if you happen to have a lot of Harry Potter knowledge and enthusiasm…it won’t hurt), Spy Games, Indiana Jones Adventurer themes, Marvel, Mysteries and more.

Community Hunts & Real World Games?   YES – we have those too.  Check out our website or get in touch.

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