Planning a Virtual Internship Program?


Impress your interns with engaging and connecting virtual events. Our friendly team of professional game producers will help you plan a one-off hit virtual game or a series of virtual events customizable to your organization.


Virtual Internship Program

We’ve produced hundreds of custom virtual events designed with one purpose in mind - engaging new teams in a fun and meaningful way. All of our events can be customized around your goals, values or just to bring out the best in your new interns! We can build a single event or a multi-week program that is completely customized around your company culture. This would include a virtual game scheduled every ~week of your program - for up to 5 weeks of fun!

More than ever it’s important to create a new standard in virtual fun and keep your interns connected. Booking a series of games with us will ensure that your interns receive multiple occasions to bond and have fun as a group. Our professional game producers, hosts and facilitators are making that happen as we continue to tweak our hit games to bring you the best game day - or days yet.

Let’s Plan an Amazing Internship Event


Our virtual games have been battle-tested and continue getting better all the time. Once you decide which game is right for your internship program (book a quick consult) a game producer will work to get everything customized and ready to go for an amazing event. Want to book a series of events? We’d love to make that happen! Each game has its own flair from bonus rounds, voting, custom videos, souvenir posters, backgrounds, etc. - every game is unique so we encourage you to play them all!


Check Out Our Virtual Games

  • Scavenger hunt from Home

    This one-of-a-kind Scavenger Hunt is specifically designed to be played as a virtual team - together on screen. Discuss hidden talents, shared book collections, and even the cutest pets - then submit your photo and video proof! A huge variety of challenges will have teams laughing, learning, and of course, competing to see who can earn the most points before the clock runs out.
  • Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

    Your Boss has been kidnapped! 5 members of your organization are on the top of our suspect list. Breaking out into case squads, teams will have 50 minutes to work through a series of riddles, puzzles, and multimedia challenges to unlock 5 suspect statements. With those statements revealed can your team win the day and save the boss?
  • Team Trivia - A Gameshow Event

    Teams compete in 3 rounds of game show fun with unique brain challenges that go well beyond Googling. Photos as answers. Puzzles with timers. Would you rather? All are to be completed before the time runs out. Between rounds, earn bonus points and get a glimpse of the leaderboard to fuel that competitive fire. Fast-paced, competitive fun.
  • Great Scott!

    Biff has gotten hold of the Delorean and is wreaking havoc on the time continuum. Your team must travel through the decades and save pop culture as we know it, all before time runs out. Visit the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, etc., and decode puzzles, crack codes and submit photos and videos that may just stop Biff. Knowledge about your favorite decade may just help save pop culture as you once knew it.
  • Battle Trivia

    3 fun-filled rounds - each round has a winner (podium) - ensuring no individual is ever left out of it. This game is played individually in a massive head-to-head battle, great for very large events and hyper-competitive teams. Scores can be combined for overall ‘team’ winners. Hosted, funny & customizable.

The #1 Holiday Party

Team Games

Take our word for it. Take their word for it. At the end of the day you just have to come experience it all for yourself and join in on the fun, right?

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    "Brilliant! A great fun and safe way to bring everyone together as a team. Too much fun!"

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    "​​Such a fun event! We will definitely be doing it again!"

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    “Savage game, great host, will be back!”

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    “A fun way to celebrate the holiday with colleagues!”

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