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Most Read Posts of 2014

If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on our other blogposts, you can always check out our scavenger hunt-related posts here. There you’ll find helpful hints, content features, how-tos and everything in between to enhance your scavenger hunt experience- so be sure to take a gander through those! With no apocalypse in sight, we bid farewell to 2014, […]

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Post-Experiential Campaign: What to do after Your Scavenger Hunt is Completed?

Your scavenger hunt is completed, fulfilled, over, finito, accomplished, donezo. Your users had a memorable experience, and relationships are stronger than ever because of your amazing gamification techniques… Now what? Time to Showcase Your User Generated Content Who said the fun is over when the game ends? Share and showcase what teams and users were up to during your […]