Content of the Week Features How to Scavenger Hunt Trivia

Trivia or Multiple Choice??

We have now rolled out Multiple Choice! By now if you’re an expert game builder, you might be used to formatting Trivia questions as Multiple Choice by creating space and providing the options necessary. NOW… the Multiple Choice feature is available to format your challenge for you when presented to users on the app. To use this feature […]

Content of the Week Scavenger Hunt Social Scavenger User Generated

Taking A Stroll Down Memory Lane: User Generated Content of 2014

We couldn’t say goodbye to 2014 without featuring some of the best user generated content we’ve seen this eventful year. Here we put together a little preview of some of the cream of the crop content our Social Scavengers took whilst playing their scavenger game. (And we just had to feature a little M.J while reminiscing the good times we had.) We […]

Content of the Week User Generated

Cheer Up Tens: Video Reel of the Week

We’re coming at you with another round of awesome high five challenges. A few Social Scavengers filming themselves high fiving others strangers and other team mates. Get as crazy and abstract as you can get! Who said high fives can only be done by two people standing? Make someone’s day while scoring some cool points […]