Triple Jeopardy: Beyond Trivia

Connect and engage your teams in the trivia game show that goes a little bit farther.

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Size: 2+
Time: 30 minutes
Location: Work from Home
Cost: $300+
When you need: Team BuildingTriviaConnectionSanityWork from Home ActivityPuzzles
Our passion delivers: Unique GamesDiverse ChallengesVirtual HostsFun Times

The Company Trivia Game that goes Beyond

Connect & Compete Triple Jeopardy - Team Edition

Work in teams or compete head to head across your company solving 5 categories of challenges - all requiring a slightly different type of thinking. An entire category of challenges is also dedicated to your company. We can surprise you with fun facts we hunt down on the web, or work with you to provide some custom, unique (heck - even informative) facts about your company and its people.

Go Beyond - Find it Round (optional)

Answer trivia challenges...with photos and videos!?

Are you ready to go beyond trivia with a bonus Find it Round 6? Teams figure out the answers to questions and submit answers with creative photos or videos. Judges are on hand to determine accuracy, humor and creativity of the answers.

Sample Find-it Challenge: "Somewhere over this, blue birds fly. Submit your own photo representation using items around the house".

Video Daily Triples (optional)

Get your team and management into the game (literally) as they introduce challenges, ask questions and demonstrate ‘Find this’ round challenges.

Custom to your personalities with:

  1. Challenges introduced by your staff / management
  2. Find this demonstrations
  3. Branded sticker challenges
6 Categories
6 Categories

Topical fun challenges that test all brain types - we even offer hints!

Your Custom Round
Your Custom Round

This round of challenges is all about your company, people and industry.

Find it Round
Find it Round

Answer challenges with photos and videos in the most creative way possible.

The Game Experience

We recommend your game be played in small teams (you may optionally go head to head in teams of 1). Your game can be self hosted or we will provide a virtual “Zoom” (video conference) host to kick off the experience.

30 minutes+ of game time... once the game starts the clock is ticking down and teams can work through the categories in any order. Each challenge will unlock a slightly more difficult question.

Category types... vary in both subject matter and style. That’s right - you’ll face a round of visual puzzles that somebody on your team (hopefully) can easily visualize.

Custom category... is dedicated to challenges about your company. These can be trivia, multiple choice, photos (what’s this), audio clues and even video introductions by your team.

Self hosted... you are welcome to host your own games. We will send you all of the game day instructions and walkthroughs. We recommend that individual teams connect in a video / conference call to easily talk through the challenges.

Virtually hosted... connect into our Zoom room and our hosts will get everyone ready to go before sending teams into breakout rooms. Hosts are on hand to answer questions - but more importantly reward creativity.

The Game is Played in the Social Scavenger App or Web Version

Your game producer will have everything set up and ready to go - be it our classic game or something fully customized for a global initiative, you’ll be in good hands.

How it Works

  1. How it works varies slightly based on the options
  2. Teams will be formed (any size but we recommend ~3 per team)
  3. Teams joining our zoom will get an introduction from the host and then be split into breakout rooms where they’ll join your private game and get started
  4. Teams can tackle categories in any order, bouncing around. Challenges get more difficult as you make it through a category.
  5. The clock will be ticking down right inside the app. There is also a web version available meaning one team member can screen share and everyone works off that screen - your host will determine the best solution for your team.
  6. Back at virtual HQ (for those opting into the judged Find it round) our judges will score your submissions based on creativity and our video editor will put together the top results. So many fun options!

When the clock runs - you’ll find out who won. The good news - In a game like this - everybody wins.

Find it Round Creativity Points & Voting

Did awarding bonus points sound like fun? Does your CEO want to help our judge determine the best Find it submissions? No - they probably want to play. We are flexible to make game day the most epic yet.

Teams Play
Teams Play

Play in small teams or go head to head in the ultimate 1 on 1 battle.

Virtually Hosted
Virtually Hosted

We’ll be your zoom host and get this going - or send you instructions for self hosting.

Find it Creativity
Find it Creativity

Assign a judge (us or you) to hand out bonus points for creative submissions.

Why a Scavenger Hunt? Why Social Scavenger?

We are working remotely too! Over the years our platform has delivered thousands of team building experiences all around the world. We have taken that and produced a fun work from home game with the goal of connecting and engaging your teams.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will be based on the number of players, customization requirements and services you want to add onto your game. We never want a budget to stand in the way - so we’ll find an appropriate experience for you!

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