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Pokemon GO Style Scavenger Hunts

What’s a Pokemon Go Style Scavenger Hunt? Love it?  Hate it?  Never even tried Pokemon GO?  Well it’s time to leverage the Pokemon GO fun times for your own needs and make an amazing Team Building style mobile event that won’t soon be forgotten.   So what are we talking about?  We are talking about building a […]

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New Scavenger Hunt Features for Fall 2015

We’re excited to have just released another updated version of our mobile Scavenger Hunt platform with a few great new features for fall 2015.   Get the most out of your hunting, scavenging, team building, campaigns and mobile adventures! New features and functionality for Social Scavenger include:  Easier navigation through challenges Step by step GPS directions […]

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Creating a Scavenger Hunt in 5 minutes

How quickly can you create a Mobile Scavenger Hunt? I guess it depends on how fast you can type and if you already have some challenges in mind…but for people looking to get a quick and dirty version up and tested – here is a video walking you through how to build a Scavenger Hunt […]

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Most Read Posts of 2014

If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on our other blogposts, you can always check out our scavenger hunt-related posts here. There you’ll find helpful hints, content features, how-tos and everything in between to enhance your scavenger hunt experience- so be sure to take a gander through those! With no apocalypse in sight, we bid farewell to 2014, […]

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White Labels vs. Social Scavenger Branded App: Which Scavenger Hunt Platform is for You?

Game Time:  Building a Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race Social Scavenger offers a multitude of unique challenge features to adorn your scavenger hunt. Taking the traditional pen and paper search to the next level. A mobile Gamification level *cue fog machine and dramatic music*. Need a refresher on why adding gamification to your mobile campaign is […]

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The Calm Before the Planning: End of the Year Office Party

The year is coming to a delightful end. Your company has had fruitful year, now time to give back thanks to your hard working team. Most companies would throw a predictable dinner, or drinks at a bar. But your company is unlike all those other boring, plain, hoity-toity companies, right? Change up the tiring tradition this year by […]