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Virtual Games in 6 Simple Steps!

Interested in booking a game but want a better picture of how we do things? Look no further!  Choose your game: We have developed 5 totally unique virtual games for your group to select from. Our expert game producers are happy to help you choose the best game for your event type, group size, goals […]

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2018 = YOUR year, let US show YOU how Social Scavenger can make your life that much more exciting… Over the last few months we’ve been busy launching some new features and fixes to our app, here are the latest updates we’ve made live recently: NEW “escape the boardroom” games to spice up your Fridays! -find […]

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Taking A Stroll Down Memory Lane: User Generated Content of 2014

We couldn’t say goodbye to 2014 without featuring some of the best user generated content we’ve seen this eventful year. Here we put together a little preview of some of the cream of the crop content our Social Scavengers took whilst playing their scavenger game. (And we just had to feature a little M.J while reminiscing the good times we had.) We […]

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Holiday Team Office Party: Team Building Activity Reel

We got you covered this holiday season’s end-of-the-year event. Put an end to your party planning headache through one single simple solution. The Social Scavenger app will be the answer to this year’s office function. We’ve already enlightened you why a gamification route is the answer to planning your holiday event including: selecting activities, what to bring, […]

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The Calm Before the Planning: End of the Year Office Party

The year is coming to a delightful end. Your company has had fruitful year, now time to give back thanks to your hard working team. Most companies would throw a predictable dinner, or drinks at a bar. But your company is unlike all those other boring, plain, hoity-toity companies, right? Change up the tiring tradition this year by […]

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Post-Experiential Campaign: What to do after Your Scavenger Hunt is Completed?

Your scavenger hunt is completed, fulfilled, over, finito, accomplished, donezo. Your users had a memorable experience, and relationships are stronger than ever because of your amazing gamification techniques… Now what? Time to Showcase Your User Generated Content Who said the fun is over when the game ends? Share and showcase what teams and users were up to during your […]