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White Labels vs. Social Scavenger Branded App: Which Scavenger Hunt Platform is for You?

Game Time:  Building a Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race Social Scavenger offers a multitude of unique challenge features to adorn your scavenger hunt. Taking the traditional pen and paper search to the next level. A mobile Gamification level *cue fog machine and dramatic music*. Need a refresher on why adding gamification to your mobile campaign is […]

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Holiday Team Office Party: Team Building Activity Reel

We got you covered this holiday season’s end-of-the-year event. Put an end to your party planning headache through one single simple solution. The Social Scavenger app will be the answer to this year’s office function. We’ve already enlightened you why a gamification route is the answer to planning your holiday event including: selecting activities, what to bring, […]

Commercial Games Scavenger Hunt Social Scavenger Team Building User Generated White Label

The Calm Before the Planning: End of the Year Office Party

The year is coming to a delightful end. Your company has had fruitful year, now time to give back thanks to your hard working team. Most companies would throw a predictable dinner, or drinks at a bar. But your company is unlike all those other boring, plain, hoity-toity companies, right? Change up the tiring tradition this year by […]

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Post-Experiential Campaign: What to do after Your Scavenger Hunt is Completed?

Your scavenger hunt is completed, fulfilled, over, finito, accomplished, donezo. Your users had a memorable experience, and relationships are stronger than ever because of your amazing gamification techniques… Now what? Time to Showcase Your User Generated Content Who said the fun is over when the game ends? Share and showcase what teams and users were up to during your […]

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Case Study: Sponsorship Activation

Activating Sponsorship with Photos When you attend an event, convention or a long-running festivals, it’s always the same old drill when it comes to sponsorship presence. Banners put up, branded swag, and no doubt signage everywhere – nothing out of the ordinary. Nowadays attendees just gloss over and become desensitized by these efforts. There’s so much visual chaos, and […]