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Updated QR Code Readers

You’ve probably seen them a lot… square barcodes that look like a black and white mess to us, but what are they really? QR codes are quick response barcodes that were first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Today, computer’s can read this barcode and link it to whatever information is encoded into them. (Download […]

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Innovative Education: Bringing Gamification into the Classroom

Take gamification, introduce it to a classroom full of eager students, and you’ve got a new innovative way to educate students.  Gami-what? If you have no idea what gamification is, it might help to start off by reading our previous post, the benefits of gamification in your experiential campaign. Over there, we cover what gamification is, and how it […]

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Most Read Posts of 2014

If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on our other blogposts, you can always check out our scavenger hunt-related posts here. There you’ll find helpful hints, content features, how-tos and everything in between to enhance your scavenger hunt experience- so be sure to take a gander through those! With no apocalypse in sight, we bid farewell to 2014, […]

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The Best Practices in Creating Your Own Experiential Mobile Campaign

Social Scavenger game offers six challenges for you to take advantage of. Each in their own unique way, provides an opportunity for you players to become engaged with you, your game, and your brand. We’ve come across many different scenarios here at Social Scavenger, from creators to players, failures to triumphs… And with that, we’re […]

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White Labels vs. Social Scavenger Branded App: Which Scavenger Hunt Platform is for You?

Game Time:  Building a Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race Social Scavenger offers a multitude of unique challenge features to adorn your scavenger hunt. Taking the traditional pen and paper search to the next level. A mobile Gamification level *cue fog machine and dramatic music*. Need a refresher on why adding gamification to your mobile campaign is […]

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Holiday Team Office Party: Team Building Activity Reel

We got you covered this holiday season’s end-of-the-year event. Put an end to your party planning headache through one single simple solution. The Social Scavenger app will be the answer to this year’s office function. We’ve already enlightened you why a gamification route is the answer to planning your holiday event including: selecting activities, what to bring, […]